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Meet Frank Fol, also known as The Vegetable Chef®, and initiator of the We’re Smart® World project.

Chef Frank Fol – former chef/owner of Michelin star restaurant Sire Pynnock – has, for more than thirty years, been passionate about vegetables and his cooking is very much geared towards the use of vegetables and fruit. 

A former star chef on the Belgian culinary theatre, today he is an international consultant on healthy, balanced and vegetal (as often as possible but not systematically) food. He consults, coaches and teaches workshops all over the world. 

Without going overboard, he will include meat, poultry and fish in his dishes, but will always remain one of the most ardent defenders of the cooking style “vegetables first, followed by the other products”. However, his dishes are more than a match for the best gastronomic tables or the new trendy – read « healthy » – restaurants. 

He travels the world sharing his approach to the kitchen of today and tomorrow’s kitchen with his peers, all while promoting his slogan “Think Vegetables! Think Fruit!” In 2018 he decided to go international with his ambitious “We’re Smart World” project. 

RECIPE: Strawberry-rhubarb candies with lemon and Paztizz tops.


by Frank Fol


for four people:

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Techniques: raw, marinating

Recommended drink: Rosé Pinot Meunier, Wijnkasteel Vandeurzen – Linden, Belgium

250 to 500 grams (a bit over a pound) of ripe strawberries

2 rhubarb sticks

1 lemon

Cup of Paztizz tops – Koppert Cress (Paztizz is an edible leaf that has a pronounced aniseed flavor. You can replace with another leaf that you like, such as mint for example)

Drops of Arqan argan oil

Preparation method:


Peel the rhubarb and cut it into wafer-thin slices (10 cm) with the help of a slicer. Place it in a bowl and add the lemon juice. Leave to marinate for a few minutes.


Wash the strawberry and remove the crown afterwards.

Roll each strawberry in a slice of rhubarb. If necessary, pierce a wooden stick to keep everything together. The sweet strawberry provides a nice counterbalance to the fresh tartness of the rhubarb.


Place the candies in the bowls and finish with a few drops of argan oil and a sprig of paztizz tops on each candy. Fantastic for hot days and with a glass of delicious rosé!


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