My Sustainable (life)style


 I wake up between 5:30 and 6:30am, no alarm needed and the first thing I do is get a sense of where my energy level is.  I reflect on what things need to be done and consciously direct my thought process to widening my playing field and trusting that all will get done at the perfect moment. I go downstairs and depending on the season I walk barefoot on our lawn. It’s the best way to get aligned with your core and become aware of the power within.  Then I take care of my plants, I see who needs water and feel the joy they give me. Everyone has a name! Maurice was given by my voice coach!

One of my favorite plants: Maurice!

Time for incense and I light the candle in my altar. I have two and on another ocassion we will create some posts on HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN TEMPLE or “Consciousness Corner.” I then make a perfect latte with my Italian espresso maker and start my first meditation practice of the day. Before I begin, I pull one of my ELEMENTS cards and read what theme I can choose to pay attention to or work on.

Showcasing the BRIDGE card. All cards are also available as art

It gives me another boost that I am actively co-creating the life I envision. Depending on the time it is, I will read my e-mails and immediately address the most important ones. By 7:30, 8:00am, I wake up my dog and take him for a walk. Since I live in the countryside, we both look forward to this precious moment and sometimes we even catch a sunrise. Back home and I prepare Bondi’s breakfast and when my husband comes downstairs, we share some fruit..

My darling dog BONDI


By the time it is 9:00am I feel as if I already had a productive day and I will invest more time in advancing some of my own projects and work for third parties. There is a documentary, a magazine, a TV series for youth and a graphic novel to take care of. I need time to be creative too and will write, or work on marketing and PR. Then there are phone calls and, in the late morning I take time to play with my dog.


Another ritual: most of the days I share lunch with my husband and we exchange thoughts about our current projects and listen to what preoccupies the other. We offer suggestions or feedback when deemed fit. It can happen that I go swim, since that is one of my favorite sports and its a nice break in between time dedicated to work.

Modeling a fabulous red dress by Dawn Bacchus


My husband and I like to cook and when he returns from his practice, it’s either one of us who will prepare dinner, unless we go cook together or go out. There is still time for a second meditation session, some reading and why not, more work.

What’s in your life?

1. The first thing I do that sets a foundation for my day is taking an “ELEMENTS” card. On the day that I was launching this magazine for example,
I took the “JUMP” card and that gave me quite the affirmation that my new level had arrived! You can obtain your own deck, which functions as an operating manual for life during crossroads and moments of change and transition, in our SHOP below.


2. I work on different projects at the same time and am currently finalizing on turning my third book “Become an Eco Hero” into a podcast. I love to “create” and this is an essential part of my own expansion towards more joy in life. If you want to live life in harmony with the flow of seasons, pick up my “Urban Ecology” book – as there is room for 30 assignments as well – and discover how to increase your positive outlook on life too.


3. Expressing gratitude is a big one if you want to start increasing your level of happiness. I express gratitude daily and I either share it with the person I am grateful for or contribute to a cause. In my case I volunteer in schools with my “Eco Hero” program frequently and do check out our feature story how you can participate.


4. Since I am all about improving the quality of my life and developing my full potential, I listen to my deepest desires and wishes and I have trained myself to receiving insights on making that change happen. I recently started modeling again and the feeling while posing for the camera is a happy one. At the moment the designer Dawn Bacchus booked me for a couple of campaigns and she is great to work with as her designs are very beautiful and feminine. Just what I needed and this will lead to more fabulous photoshoots for sure!


5. Daring to put out ambitious goals that are in alignment with my intuition is part of my fun and leads me to amazing new inroads. At the moment I launched a global petition for a new “Day of the Eco Hero” as to celebrate the HEROES who invest in ecology, ecosystems and the new economy and those people who are known to make a positive mark benefiting Earth. ( YOU can participate with that campaign as well, all signatures are welcome)
As to also support the training of new “Eco Heroes” in the making I have created a collection T-Shirts that reflects the language of Mother Earth! Yet another example that when you dare to grow, new levels will open up.