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Participate with the global Eco Hero project.


While Mother Earth is some 4.5 billion years old, humans have managed to destabilize her precious ecosystems and her cycles that keep the Earth system in balance and this since the moment the industrial revolution made its entry onto the world stage. Now – more than ever – we need to unite and start leaving a positive legacy.


ARE YOU READY for the eco hero challenge?


In order to celebrate initiatives of local “Eco Heroes” that benefit Our Planet (the name of my first TV series that aired on Manhattan Cable between 2001 and 2007), I invite you all to join the #ECOHEROCHALLENGE, now in its 11th anniversary.




For the very young ones, there’s the invitation to make an art piece that represents a wish for Mother Earth and the ecosystems soil, water, forests and air. Through this creative project, youth will not only obtain a voice in the Climate Change debate, but also contribute to develop a vision for a sustainable planet, one art piece at a time.





  1. Take a white piece of paper.
  2. Take a CD or a DVD and draw its circumference in the middle of that paper. This will be your canvas.
  3. Collect pencils, crayons …. anything goes and be creative: healthy oceans, a garden, fluffy clouds, local wildlife, … . You can even add a note.
  4. If you need inspiration, check out our video where you will see past work from youth from several countries. This video is called “The Eco Hero Wall of Fame.”
  5. Please also make sure to write “MY ECO HERO CHALLENGE” on top of your canvas and your name underneath.
  6. Check Adrian’s canvas attached, I am holding a second one.




Past submissions were already a part of the “Light to the World” video, some museum exhibits and several pop-ups and your contributions may be selected for our upcoming events and social media posts! 
See another video for more examples




  1. We look forward to receive your work by March 31st 2023 and will showcase the retained ones on our social media. 
  2. You can either send us a picture of your work or hold the canvas in front of you and ask someone else to take your picture.
  3. You agree that we can use your work and you will not be remunerated for your artistry. If you are a minor, we need the “OK” from your parents too!


Our Email is:

Our Hashtag is: #EcoHeroChallenge