Sustainable Styles was launched in 2007 by award-winning environmental economist Pamela Peeters, as an online sustainable media experience. An authority on sustainable development for over fifteen years, she is the producer of the pioneering television show Our Planet.

Marisa Belger of MSNBC has described her as “a person who follows a philosophy that’s accessible to everyone – from the hardcore planet protector to someone who has only recently begun thinking about the environment.”


What We Do


Sustainable Styles is designed to inform and entertain an international readership on sustainable solutions. It also gives a platform to the movers and the shakers whose visionary creations are styling our planet. It explores the wealth of communities, traditions, and current best practices.


At Sustainable Styles, we believe that a sustainable planet can be a reality. Our goal is to inspire others to do good for the Earth, through the adoption of lifestyle solutions that increase the quality of their professional and private lives. A sustainable lifestyle can be elegant, refined, and chic.

To us, a sustainable planet is a place for personal development and healthy food options alongside renewable energy choices and eco-tourism. We believe that harmony between ourselves and nature’s assets can lead to bolster preservation initiatives.