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Siu-Tsiu: a social enterprise


In May 2021, Siu-Tsiu opened its first social enterprise in Tasiilaq. Young people without an education or a job can now become a part of a laboring community, with a focus on practical labor. Participants can therefore transition to a job or an education thanks to introductions to local businesses.


Secretariat in Nuuk


Siu-Tsiu has established a secretariat of social entrepreneurship in Nuuk and provides advisory services and collaborations with stakeholders across the public sector, the business, and civil society. 




The goal of Siu-Tsiu is to develop and expand knowledge of social entrepreneurship in Greenland. The plan is to establish several social enterprises in other municipalities. This social enterprise creates bridges to local business ensuring the youngsters transition to a job or an education. This effort will provide an entry point into the labor market and contributes to sustainability – regionally and locally, rooted in the hands of Greenlandic stakeholders.




Siu-Tsiu is a fund, whose purpose is to establish social enterprises also develops and expands knowledge of social entrepreneurship in Greenland. The fund was founded in 2018 on the basis of a cooperation agreement between The Municipality of Sermersooq, Grennesminde and the Law firm of Foldschack, Forchhammer,  Dahlager og Barfod. Sara Olsvig, former Minister of Social Affairs, Families, Gender Equality and Justice, headed a delegation in December 2017 from the Ministry to visit social enterprises in Denmark, amongst these Grennesminde.


The word “Siu-Tsiu” is an abbreviation and a conjunction of the West-and East Greenlandic word for “future.” Siunissaq is West-Greenlandic, while Tsiunitsar is East Greenlandic  The initiative receives support from 3 Danish foundations: Hempel Fonden, Oak Foundation Denmark og Bikubenfonden.