Are you ready to change your lifestyle habits that are good for you and our planet?
Take the five day challenge and explore sustainable lifestyle solutions that are within your reach: one assignment a day!


Our current economic model is disrupting ecosystems around the wold leading to pollution and poverty.


Food: Go Meatless: Celebrate your day with vegetarian food and organic produce
Waste: Reduce your Waste Try to reduce your waste (cardboard, paper, plastic) as much as possible and show us how you did.
Wilderness: Experience Wilderness Go out in nature or create a nature experience at school or in your office
Energy: Turn off the Lights Show us how you reduce your energy consumption or what your sustainable energy solutions look like
Well-being: Enhance Well-being How you experience health and happiness? You can also choose to do good and contribute to the well-being of someone else


Subscribe as a company and do this exercise as a team building effort. Sign up as a school and take on one assignment a day! Send us your results in a video or through a photo essay. We will calculate the combined impact of all of your efforts!

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For the 5th anniversary we are inviting 12 top experts to each represent one of the 12 characteristics of an “Eco Hero”

On May the 5th, During the “Day of the Eco Hero” webinar, audiences will learn about the “Eco Hero Lab” project, obtain hands-on inspiration from Belgian top experts covering the four ecosystems air/atmosphere, forest, water/oceans and soil, and see some short films.
Despite the COVID Pandemic, new digital solutions are keeping our programs rolling and participants engaged to make a difference for our planet through our #EcoHeroChallenge. Submissions are welcome until August 31st.

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